Magnesia beaches and seaside villages Magnesia beaches and seaside villages Inlet Coastal inlet near Amaliapolis 100835761 Nies beach Long long beach at Nies 63023949 Nies bay Panorama of Nies bay 63025347 Old Olive press Old Olive press at Nies 100835759 Nies Fishing at Nies 100835760 Nies beach Nies beach 100835762 Nies Nies in September 100835763 Glifa harbour Glifa seafront 63023953 Pigadi Loutra Pigadi beach in summer 63023950 Pigadi Loutra Pigadi beach looking in the other direction 63023951 Pigadi Loutra Pigadi again in summer 63023952 Pigadi Seafront at Pigadi 63023954 Pigadi Pigadi seafront 63023955 PIgadi Loutro Pigadi Loutro beach in May with spring flowers 127093166 Flowers at Pigadi Loutro Flowers by beach side at Pigadi Loutro 127093167 Pigadi Seafront at Pigadi 127093549 Achillion Seafront at Achillion 127093550 Mango bar Mango bar with pool at Pigadi Loutro 127093551 Beach at Nies Beach at Nies 141602282 Mango pool Mango bar pool 141602281 Mango Swimming pool at Mango 141602283 Pool at Mango Swim in the pool at Mango 141602285 Nies Another busy day at Nies 141602284 Boats at Pigadi Pigadi boats 172245452 View of Glyfa Glyfa seen from ferry boat 172245644 Agia Marina/Lefki Another busy beach! 172247953 Agia Marina/Lefki Beach in September at Agia Marina 172247954 Boats at Pigadi Pigadi harbour 172247955 View of Pigadi Peace and quiet at Pigadi 172247956