In and around Amaliapolis In and around Amaliapolis Village view Village in evening 63053061 Amaliapolis beach Village beach 63053062 Village beach Beach in evening 63053063 Street Street in Amaliapolis 63053066 Jetty Fishing boats at jetty 63053067 Tavernas Taverna in main square 63053069 Beach cafe Beach cafe 63053072 By the beach Beach bar 63053073 Beach Amaliapolis beach 63053074 Village street Village street 63053075 Island Kikynthos island in Amaliapolis bay 63053076 Main square Cafe in main square 63053077 Olives Olive grove in Spring 63053078 Village steps Steps going up to church 63053079 Seafront Seafront in Spring 63053081 Church Small church in village 63053082 Harbour Amaliapolis harbour 63053083 View View from Glezos cafe 63053084 Cloudy day Village on a cloudy day 63053087 Promenade Seafront Amaliapolis 63053088 Amaliapolis View of village from hillside 63053089 Swimming cove 'Limanaki' cove in Amaliapolis 63054960 View from square Boat in the bay with island behind it 100836026 Church Church with flags 100836027 View to harbour view across to harbour from jetty 100836028 Fishing Come and inspect the catch! 100836029 view of the village The village seen from the beach 141603198 Beach loungers Relax on the beach loungers 141603199 Beach bar Beach bar at night 141603200 Amaliapolis beach Beach in September 141603201 Playground Playground by beach 141603203 Viw from seafront Daydream view 172243876 Time for lunch? Tables by the sea 172243877 View of Church Looking at village from seafront 172244977 View of village houses Beautiful greenery even in summer 172244978 Old house in village Sea Captain's house 172244979 September cyclamen Lovely wild flowers 172244980 Village street Village street 172244981 Village street Street leading down towards the sea 172244982 Beautiful flowers Village house 172244983 Amaliapolis beach On the beach 172245319 Beach in September Balmy September day 172245320 Seafront dining Eat right next to the sea 183785807 Amaliapolis seafront Lovely blue sea! 183785808 Almyros forest Cafe in Dassos Kouri (ancient woods) at Almyros 183785811 Seafront view View from near harbour 196250765 Autumn flowers Crocus and cyclamen 196250766 Cotton harvest Cotton growing near Sourpi 196250767 Poppies Poppies in olive groves 204419425 Spring flowers Spring Flowers 204419426 Cafe Glezos cafe 204419441 Harbour Fishing boats 204419442 harbour boats in harbour 204419443 dog Ready to go fishing! 204419444