Magnesia has much to offer the holidaymaker, from pretty seaside villages to stunning mountain settlements, impressive archaeological sites and of course the chance to try local specialities.

Volos, from whence Jason and the Argonauts are said to have set sail, is a bustling small city with a wide range of shops, restaurants and ferry links to nearby islands such as Skiathos, Alonissos and Skopelos. It has a very attractive water front with numerous restaurants and bars. Indeed, Volos is famous for its ouzeries (tsipouradika) or bars where you can have the local aniseed drink, called tsipouro, which is simiular to ouzo, accompanied by small plates of mezzes,(appetizers), rather like Greek tapas. 



The area of Magnesia is also rich in archaeological  sites including Fthiotic Thebes (Nea Anchialos), Prehistoric Dimini, Sesklo and Dimitras. Volos has an excellent Archaeological museum as does Almyros and there is a new regional archaeological museum in Larissa



The Pelion Peninsula is also within driving distance from this villa with beautiful scenery, historic mountain villages with ancient paved ways through the mountains and pleasant seaside resorts  - a good day trip. In winter there is even a ski resort at Agriolefkes on the peninsula! Click here for a snow report!

Further afield you can visit classical Delphi (approx.120km), the Byzantine monasteries of Meteora, perched high on sandstone outcrops  (approx.180km) or the fantastic but not much visited Hellenistic/Roman site of ancient Dion (approx. 170km).

South of Amaliapolis is the small port of Glifa which has a daily ferry link (only 15 minutes crossing) to the island of Evia (Euboia) so you can stay in Amaliapolis and visit Evia as well.


In fact the villa makes an ideal base for exploring all of mainland Greece, with easy access to the E75 motorway linking it to the Greek road network. 

Be adventurous and go exploring!